Pain in the Barn

Starring Sub Nimue at The Pain Files

Dark english painslut Nimue bound up in the barn. The cute british painslut screams as her udders and nipples are severely tormented with painful biting clamps.

Kinky fetish slavegirls painful confined tit whipping and yelling sado nipple agony session

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Genuine English Painslut in Pain. She is enchained and tormented to tears. Clamped and Whipped mercilessly
Rewarded a painful yelling orgasm. Pure Pleasure and Pain for Submissive Nimue.

English masochist tit tormented in the barn. Bound arms above and her udders strictly chained up whilst painfully clamped and tormented on her sensitive nipples. To see more intense BDSM, slavegirls in real pain and tears and to download the full length highrez SADOMASOCHISM video “Pain, Pleasure and Obedience”:

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On The Cross

Featuring masochist Lola at The Pain Files

Dark sado submissive Lola enslaved to a bondage cross and covered in clothes pegs by her masked master. Lola is exposed to severe tit pain and spanking directly on the clothespegs.


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The innocent submissive screams in agony as the whip dances over her boobs, pulling of the clamps in the painful proces. To see all of Lolas torments on the bondage cross: Visit The Pain Files


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Emily in Pain

Masochist Emily in Pain and Torments at The Pain Files

English painslut Emilys severe bondage whipping and sadomasochism clamping agony

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The cute sub is tied spreadeagle in the punishment room, her breasts and pussy
painfully clamped. Her tormentor spitefully whips the clamps off of her body whilst
the erotic chained fetish painslave slave screams in pain and agony.

From the Full Length Movie: Breaking Emily

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whipped and tormented at The Pain Files:

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Asiatic Caning

Asian Masochist Michikos Caning at The Pain Files

Exotic painslut Michikos strapped down to the devious bondage device. Her ass exposes dangerously to her master, that is about to punish her for her disobedience. The bound exotic submissive is tormented by severe spanking and caning.

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The delicious exotic is bound down in the devious bondage device and enduring a painful caning on her striped bottom. To see more of Masochist Michiko visit The Pain Files – Strong BDSM and Pain

Caned on The Rack

Featuring: Masochist Nimue at The Pain Files

Painslut Nimue is a british lifestyle masochist and painslave. She was found in need of hardcore punishment and taken to the old barn for correctional discipline. The sweet darkhaired submissive was chained securely to a rack and punished.

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Nimues ass widely exposed while confined to the rack in the barn and punished. Her ass is given a thorough painful workover with the cane and whips.

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Pain, Pleasure and Obedience

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Bondage Barn

Brunette british sub Pixie in restrained bondage in the old barn. Her full body and exposed pussy is hotwaxed painfully. Tit torments and pussy pegging, suspension bondage and strong hotwaxing agony of sado painslave Pixie. Presented by The Pain Files – Strong BDSM Videos and Pain Movies

Painslave Pixie in merciless restraining suspension bondage and punishments by the old barn using pegs and candle sexy wax. The british submission is bound securely using hemp ropes Pixies boobs and pussy is covered in painful wooden pegs. To see more: Visit The Pain Files

Punished Pixie in the bondage barn. Sadomasochism tit torments and outdoor pussy pain by the old barn. To see more of Submissive Pixies bondage and painful SADOMASOCHISM session. Click to visit The Pain Files: The Pain Files – Exclusive Full Length BDSM Videos

Breast Bondage

Breast Bondage And Big Tit Torments at The Pain Files. Busty masochist in confining kinbaku breast bondage and intense tit agony. The painslave Emma is strictly bound and punished on her big breasts

Breast bondage is a restraining method commonly effectuated in a variety of sado maso and Bdsm plays. It differs from most ropework techniques in the sense that it isnt aimed at restricting the mobility of the bondaged submissive directly. In this case, the breast bondage techniques are combined with painful torments. Ropes are enslaved around the base of each breast, causing the breasts to erotically bulge outwards. The same rope is utilised for both breasts making the tits stand out in beauty as well being exposed for tit torments.  See pictures and videos of severe breast bondage and pain at The Pain Files

Slavegirl Emma has her tits in merciless confinement, leaving her big udders bulging outwards in a restraining bondage harness. Brunette british sub Emma enjoys rough SADOMASOCHISM games and challenging adventures into severe pain. She has her big tits bound up with thick hemp ropes and is dominated to tears at The Pain Files.

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Industrial Spy Caught And Subjected To Bondage And Torment. Extreme BDSM Show!

Bondage And Torment

You are going to enjoy this next bondage torment video. I say this seriously however if you are not a hardcore masochist or sadist it may be a bit extreme for your tastes.
This is a fantasy role play with the pain being very real and the slave supposedly caught spying by the dominant. Now police or jail are out of the question when a sadistic dominant is around. No need for them.
The sullen spy is subjected to far more interesting and satisfying totures than even jail could hold for her.
Bondage is not just ropes and cuffs though they are handy indeed how about a set of cuffs on the girl with nipple clamps attached to a leash. Talk about leading her anywhere this will do it! Oh but it gets more intense from there and after she is strapped to the chair in the workroom I am sure the sullen spy was ready to talk!
This pain filed bondage torture video features some piercings (nipple torture), face slapping, cunt torture, and just general sm extreme. Oh yeah and for you sadists – those tears were real!
I am sure she was more than ready to talk by the end of this scene. Even about things she knew nothing about.

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Puppy Girl In Extreme BDSM Humiliation Fantasy

The puppy girl fantasy opens the door to many new realms for the dominant and the amateur slavegirl. For instance there is the ever present theme of extreme BDSM humiliation and so many ways in which to punish a bad puppygirl. Equally important is the humiliation that goes with this role. It can be satisfying for both the dominant and the puppy (though that aspect is less important). In today’s update is some really good puppygirl training and humiliation footage.

Extreme BDSM Humiliation

First off is the sit up and beg training and our girl really is doing that well. It is humiliating for the slave and provides many opportunities for mistakes which can then be corrected using sexual punishments like weights to the cunt or a rolled up paper or flogger to the ass.
Oh and what is a puppy without a tail? There lies a great opportunity for both sexual punishment and humiliation. What is more humiliating than a tail that is a butt plug? Nothing much except learning to wag it for onlookers huh?
You can also combine humiliation by teaching the new puppygirl to sit up and beg then hand feeding her a doggie treat. Oh and the final touch is a new collar to replace her normal slave collar and this dog collar will denote her puppy girl status!

You can find more humiliation and punishment fantasies at Pain Files just click here.

Humiliation and Tears

Kinky bodywriting, spitting and fullbody hotwaxing brings the experienced british slavegirl China to tears in the hands of her evil dominating master of pain

Starring Submissive China

Hardcore Humiliation and Intense Pain. Real Slavegirls sulking and Torments. Full Length Exclusive BDSM Videos. To watch the full length video of sub Chinas humiliation and intense sm torments, visit:

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